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Hypothesis In Dissertation Examples

A simple hypothesis predicts the relationship between two variables: the independent variable and the dependent variable. This relationship is demonstrated through these examples. Drinking sugary drinks daily leads to being overweight. Smoking cigarettes daily leads to lung cancer.

  • Here are a few examples through which you can learn to create an empirical hypothesis: a. Women who take iron tablets face a lesser risk of anemia than those women who take vitamin B12. b. Canines learn faster if they are provided with food immediately after they obey a command. 6. Statistical Hypothesis

  • It should not be in the form of the question. A hypothesis should not transform into a rhetorical question that doesn’t need answers. You should research the problematic and draw a conclusion on your own, which means dissertation hypothesis is more about a positive statement than a thesis. It should not be too complicated.

  • Hypothesis in the dissertation becomes a theory when it has predictive power. As predictable, probabilistic knowledge, not yet logically proven and not so determined by experience to be considered a reliable theory, the hypothesis is neither true nor false. Its consumption is said that it is uncertain, that is, lies between truth and lie.